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Ascension, What is it?

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Ascension has become a big buzz word in the spiritual community. Some of you may be having your spiritual awakening and wondering what Ascension is all about. The dictionary definition of Ascension is this: The act of rising to an important position or a higher level. This is a close definition of what Ascension is, but there are definitely some differences as far as what a Spiritual Ascension is. In this article we will be coving what Ascension is, in spiritual terms.

Let us talk about Source

We start out as souls that were born from Source. Perhaps you call Source God, The Universe, Buddha, Christ Light, that’s okay. We all have different ways of connecting to our spiritual self. For this article I will be referring to “God” as Source. Because we were all born from Source, this means that we are all source energy. Source energy is everything there is and could be. Source gave birth to smaller versions of itself to experiences all that it was. Source birthed itself as beings on other planets such as Pleiadeans, Lyrans or Blue Avians, just to name a few. It also birthed itself as elemental beings such as Unicorns, Dragons and Fairy’s. Angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters come from Source. Humans also came from Source. All the different ways that Source has expressed itself was and is, an opportunity to experiences itself in different forms to hopefully learn, grow and evolve.

Dimensions or Densities, what are they?

Most of the universe is made up of the fifth density and beyond. A density in human terms is usually called a dimension. Density refers to the structure in which everything is put together. Earth is one of the rare places that has a large population operating from the third density. As the densities rise, molecules aren’t bonded as tightly together and energy and the laws of physics change. Density refers to Energy and Dimensions refer to geometry or sacred geometry.

In the third density matter is tightly bonded together giving objects a very dense and solid structure, this is true of our human bodies. Human beings on Earth have been operating from the third density for thousands of years.

When human beings incarnate in human form, they forget that they came from Source. They forget that they are a soul having a human experience. As humans we came here to experience all that we could through a physical form versus our light body form. Having a human experience is much different than having an experience as a soul in the form of a light body. As a light body there is freer movement, freer expression and we can remember, feel and experience much more deeply our Source connection. This does not mean that the third density is bad, it is just a different way to experience a wide variety of emotions, thoughts, and physical experiences.

Human form

In human form we tend to hold onto our emotions and past experiences. You have to work through these emotions and experiences. So, that you can have new experiences and new opportunities come your way. When people choose to not do the work of releasing what is no longer serving them, energy gets stuck within their physical body creating di-ease, aches and pains. This is why it is important to do your shadow work or get healing sessions done, to help release unnecessary energy being held within your body.

Releasing energy does not mean that you are no longer affected by the experience or feeling that brought you down, but it is really about making the conscious choice that you will not operate in your day-to-day life from a place of feeling traumatized. Instead, you choose to move forward in your life by stepping into your power and letting nothing keep you from living your goals and dreams.

This also does not mean that you should not have emotions that are not ‘good’ feelings. Shadow work is essentially acknowledging how you are feeling and being kind and gentle with yourself, as you work through what you are experiencing. As you work through what has brought you down you will reach a point where you choose to operate from a place of empowerment vs. trauma. You came here to experience the ups and downs of living life in the third density to learn, grow and evolve your soul at an individual level. But what does all this have to do with Ascension?

What is Ascension?

Ascension is the process of an energetically denser being trying to ascend, transform and release density to operate from a higher density reality. Dense is not referring to whether you are smart or not, it is referring to whether you are operating from an environment where matter including the body’s molecules are less tightly compacted together. Releasing density also helps your energy field operate from a higher frequency. This higher frequency allows you to further your connection to others, your higher-self and Source. The human Species and Collective Consciousness is going through an Ascension. People are becoming more connected with their soul self, creating a deeper connection with Source, and having a desire to live in a world that operates from peace, love and harmony, versus corruption and just barely getting by.

Through the process of Ascension, you are learning to release density through your shadow work. Every time you get healing work done to release energy that is stored in your body from your present life trauma, past life trauma and ancestral trauma; you are allowing your body the opportunity to hold more light within its atoms, molecules, cells and tissues. This helps to build your light body. The light body is a body but with its molecules not as tightly bonded together, therefore making your body less dense as it is in the third density. When you are in a light body, it can be easier to release what is not serving your highest good, you can connect more deeply with source and other spiritual beings, and you will be able to see the universe differently.

What density are we ascending to?

We are ascending to the fifth density. As a matter of fact, as a collective we are on the precipice of operating from the fourth density. The fourth density is the bridge to the fifth density. The fourth density will release the veil even more and you will be able to experience your connection with your higher self and Source on a deeper level. You will have more ‘paranormal’ experiences so to speak. You will be able to connect with your sprit team a little easier. This is something to celebrate and not fear. You might be able to see auras better or hear spirit more clearly and trust your intuition much easier.

In the fifth density everything is going to look and feel different in the best ways’ possible. Colors will be more vibrant; we’ll see the glow of people's auras without trying. We will see the auras of nature and all living beings. We will be able to communicate telepathically. We will understand the laws of the universe in a much deeper way. We will be healthier mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. All of these things happen because the veil that was put over our spiritual connections and experiences will be gone. We will truly be able to see clearly.

What is all the talk about the 144,000?

There is a lot of talk about the 144,00 chosen souls. If you do not know what it is, at first glance it might seem like only 144,000 people will go through the ascension, out of the 8 billion people on Earth at this time.

This is not what the 144,000 is about. The 144,000 are the lightworks, that are helping to raise the vibration on planet Earth at this time, that will ascend first. They will ascend to the higher densities before the rest do. This is because there is going to be an adjustment period that humans will go through from being in the third density versus the fifth density. These 144,000 lightworkers are going to assist those who are ascending next. They will be the ones to answer questions, bring peace and guidance, as the changes in densities become more noticeable.

Spirit has told me that 70% of our population must desire ascension for the ascension to happen. Now it is possible that people will ascend without knowing about the Ascension, but they desire to live in a world that feels better, offers equality and operates from peace, love and harmony. I know many people who want these things but are unaware of the ascension and that is okay. Their desire and any step they take to make the world a better place by doing shadow work or engaging in random acts of kindness, doing self-care, and being compassionate will put them on the path of Ascension.

The 144,00 will be assisting those who fall in the category of wanting something better for the collective, but are not aware of the Ascension. You may or may not be one of the 144,00 lightworkers and that is okay. If you are reading this and desire a better world, you are on the ascension path. If you want to become a lightworker that is awesome, we need more of them. You can find out more about being a lightworker here. What is a Lightworker? (

I am so excited to be a part of the ascension process and I hope you are too. Remember you came here as a soul to have a human experience and you incarnated on planet Earth at this time to specifically go through the ascension process. We are gathering information about what it is like to experience ascending from one dimension to the next. To specifically experience having a human experience from a perspective of solid matter versus light or energy. You are brave and courageous for choosing this path because there are trillions of souls in the universe, and you are one of the few that chose to have this experience. Spirit thanks all of us, who have chosen the path of Ascension. Be kind and gentle with yourself and others and we will get through this together.

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