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Bringing the Light

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Hello all,

Today I bring forward a Channeled Message from Archangel Haniel. Her message of bringing the light is this.

"Dear ones, I bring in messages and energy of hope, peace, love, and gratitude. I want to share with the world a piece of myself. The piece of myself that brings forth peace and calm and to help you connect with the energies of Mother Earth. I want to connect you with the energies of the cosmos. It is important to bring in the pieces of light that belong to you but exist outside of your realm. Bring in light from your spirit team and from your guiding heart. Know that you are already made of light expressing itself in a dense form trying to experience a more physical experience of expression. Ask yourself as a being of light, what amazing things would you like to accomplish using your physical form?"

"Emotions, thoughts and even how you use your body is an expression of your light. They are expressions of past experiences in this life and others. You are learning new ways of expressing your soul self. When you think of yourself as light, what new ways would you like to use your light to express the parts of you that are growing, evolving, and transforming? Believe in your beauty, your goodness, and the love in your heart."

"Connect with the love in your heart and send it down into your whole body up to your head and back down to your toes. Then, send this energy into Mother Earth. Giving Mother Earth your love & gratitude. Send this energy to the stars to give your love & gratitude to the Cosmos. As you do this you will receive back love & gratitude from above and below. Make a wish for you are worthy of dreams coming true. Release your desire to the energies above and below and know your wish has been heard. Release your wish knowing with certainty that the best way your dream to manifest will work itself out. You are an expression of light, a gift to all. Use your light and expressions for the good of all and your heart will always be full and happy!"

with Love & Light ArchAngel Haniel

How to make a wish while connecting with your Heart, Earth, and Stars:

1. Visualize your heart space as the color green, pink or white light.

2. Inhale light through your heart, feel the energy coming into your heart space.

3. Exhale through your heart space. (Do step 2 & 3, six times).

4. Now send the light that is surrounding your heart down to your toes.

5. Next, send the light surrounding your heart above your head.

6. Now see the energy moving from your heart to your toes, back to your heart and up above your head and back to your heart. See the energy circulating in your body like a figure eight. The middle of the figure eight is your heart space.

7. Once you get a good rhythm going, make your wish.

8. Now send the light & wish down, send it into Mother Earth with love & gratitude, Mother Earth will send back what was received.

9. Now send the light & wish up to the stars with love & gratitude, the cosmos will send back what was received.

10. See the energy circulating like this for at least 2 minutes or for as long as you'd like

11. Do this exercise at least twice a week. This will create a stronger connection to your Heart, Mother Earth, and the Stars!

Bright Blessings to you all!

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