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Capricorn, Climbing the Mountain

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

There are twelve zodiac signs in the zodiac wheel and from December 22nd, 2021, until January 19th, 2022, the sun will be in the sign Capricorn. Capricorn is the 10th sign, the third Earth sign and is a cardinal zodiac sign of the zodiac wheel. Each zodiac sign is ruled by one or two planets and has a two-word phrase to describe their essence, Capricorn is “I Use”. It is sometimes said that the zodiac sign you are born in, is part of the lesson your soul is on during your current incarnation in human form. It allows you to learn, grow and evolve from the energies of your zodiac sign, along with everything else going on in your birth chart. You can go around the zodiac wheel several times as a soul to get an enriched and well-rounded soul education. Each sign allows you to interact with different elements, aspects and lessons to learn to continue the up-leveling of your soul. Further in the article I will give explanations of the different aspects of the sign Capricorn.

The Element of Earth

The element of Earth encompasses all of the Elements and life on our planet. The Earth is the reason we have life, medicine, food, shelter, & crystals. Earth is really the reason we experience anything while being incarnated on the Earth Realm. Because the Earth harnesses all of the other elements the Earth teaches us about cooperation and cycles. The earth works with other aspects or elements of the planet in order to provide everything we use to survive. The energy of Earth is a big energy but teaches that there is no need to rush to get the job done. Everything happens when it is meant to. Seeds sprout when they are meant to, fruit falls from the tree when it’s the perfect time to eat it, trees lose their leave in order to rest and revive their energy for the new beginning in spring. The element of Earth also represents our Earthly body and abundance. The Earth reminds us to get grounded and to remember to take care of our bodies and rest when we need to rest and move when we need to move.

What is a Cardinal Zodiac Sign?

In astrology there are modalities Fixed, Mutable and Cardinal. They group together signs that fit the characteristics of a particular modality and most importantly, the time of the season the sun moves into a zodiac sign. The cardinal signs start at the spring equinox, summer solstice, fall equinox and the winter solstice. A cardinal zodiac sign is a sign that starts the beginning of a season. The sun moves into Capricorn during the Winter solstice or first day of winter. This gives the cardinal signs the energy of initiation, starting something new and running with it. Cardinal signs tend to enjoy leading the pack and helping others move with them. Cardinal signs are able to attract others to work with them on projects and activities. Capricorn as a cardinal sign is grounded, can work on long term goals and can master the physical world.

Ruling planet

The ruling planet over a particular zodiac sign, came about when ancient astrologers decided to match up the energy of the planet with the energy of the zodiac sign. The Ruling planet of Capricorn is Saturn.


Saturn is the second largest planet in our solar system. It has rings of ice and rock that surround the planet. It takes Saturn 29 Earth years to orbit the sun and has 62 moons! Saturn is named after the Roman God of Agriculture and teaches about responsibility and knowing that putting hard work into your sown seeds will reap rewards. You can learn the importance of dedication and patience from Saturn. Using Saturn's knack for responsibility you can overcome obstacles through waiting for the right time to take action.

Characteristics of a Goat

The zodiac sign Capricorn is represented by the goat. There are two main types of goats, domestic goats, primarily seen on farms or as pets and mountain goats who primarily live in forests and mountains in Europe and Asia. Domestic goats are friendly and clean. They enjoy eating grass and many other types of greens. They are easy to get along with and raise. Domestic goats show the importance of kindness and working together. Mountain goats will eat anything in front of them that is consumable. They also like to live in clean, dry environments. Mountain Goats overcome obstacles and they can climb mountains and cliffs that seem impossible to climb, but they make the impossible, possible. The reason I have told you a bit about goats is because a Zodiac sign has characteristics that are like the animal or thing they are represented by. Example: Aries is represented by the Ram, so anyone with Aries in their birth chart can have characteristics of the Ram. This logic applies to all Zodiac signs.

Capricorn as a Zodiac sign

Capricorns can tend to be mature for their age if, they are operating from the light side of the sign. They can be like a good wine. They get better with age. They are able to learn from their mistakes and continue evolving and maturing as they move forward in life. They are considered the old souls of the Zodiac wheel. They are sure footed, and they enjoy having projects to work on, even if it means moving slowly to get the job done. Capricorns keep their feet on the ground, they can be playful or serious depending on what the situation calls for. They enjoy making people laugh and have a strong sense of responsibility. They are dependable friends and enjoy helping people in their time of need. Even though they are good at attracting people into their life they can sometimes be stubborn and not accept help. It’s important for Capricorns to learn to ask for help when they need it, because they work best with others.

Capricorn at a glance

Zodiac wheel: Tenth sign of the Zodiac

Modality: Cardinal

Element: Earth

Birth stone: Amber & Onyx

Anatomy: Knee, Bones & Skeleton

Keywords: Responsibility, controlling, dedication, strict, hard work, cooperation, utilizing resources, & patience.

If you are interested in learning what energies your sun, moon and rising sign is working with during Capricorn season check out the video below.

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