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Heart Connections with the Rose Pink Dragon

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

In this blog post I have connected with the Rose Pink Dragon, and she wants to bring forth a message about Love and its frequency. Below is the message I channeled from her.

"I the Rose Pink dragon have come forward to bring messages of kindness and Love. Love is the most important frequency to connect with. Love, like all other emotions have frequencies and Love is an important frequency to understand. Love is not just a word, emotion or feeling it is an energy that is created by intention and action. You can set the intention to send Love to someone who needs it. You can show someone you Love them by giving them a hug or standing by their side through a difficult time. Love is caring for someone when they are sick or watching a movie that perhaps you were not that interested in watching. Love can be shown in many ways. Big or Small, random acts of kindness bring the frequency of Love.

On earth many hearts have become closed to Love. Many have become afraid to Love others let alone themselves. People think they are afraid of Love, that Love hurts but really its losing Love that cuts deep. The loss of Love hurts the human ego, especially when you are not able to see the ways you are Loved by others.

There are many types of Love. Romantic Love is a deep love that can include physical intimacy. An intimacy that allows another person into your existence in a way like no other. Losing this type of Love can cause a hurt different from other hurts. However, romantic Love has the greatest ability to teach you about yourself, your own heart and it can fill you with so much Love in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual way.

The Love of a child is a deep Love rooted in the need to protect and survive. This type of Love can teach you that just because things are tough you don’t run away and hide. The Love of family and friends can be an easier way to learn about boundaries and not adhering to societal standards.

Self-Love is having the courage to be your true authentic self. It’s about following your hearts desires. It’s about remembering to take time to do the things that makes your own heart sing. Self-Love allows you to do things that keeps your vibe high. Self-Love is also asking for help when your vibe is down. Self-Love lets you know that you matter too.

All types of Love are important and can teach you about boundaries, who you are, and it can connect you with other emotions and frequencies of energy. Whatever kind of Love you allow into your experiences, it is important for yourself and humanity.

Love can teach you that just because you love someone does not mean they must be a part of your experience. Sometimes you must walk away from someone you love, for your own physical, mental, emotional or spiritual safety. It doesn’t mean you loved that person less, it just means that you loved yourself more, so that you can continue to thrive. You honored your heart and boundaries.

Humanity, you are being urged to be more loving and kind. It is time to embrace one another, to help one another. It is time to come together and stand together to elevate the energy to the frequency of Love. Allow more Love and Light into your experiences. The light can continue to get brighter and brighter, all you have to do is be open to giving and receiving Love. This is how humanity will rise up and create heaven on Earth. One random act of kindness can have a domino effect and can create and infinite ripple of kindness and Love.

Love is what the world needs more of, as it has for many years. Love should not be feared it should be enveloped. This is not to dismiss the fact that it can hurt to lose another, and it can hurt when a relationship ends. But an important question to ask is “Are you willing to Love again? Are you willing to be vulnerable to learning something new about Love? Are you willing to learn something new about yourself? If your answer is no, then this message is to ask you to confront those emotions that keep you from loving again. So, they can be acknowledged and most importantly, so you will open yourself up to Love once more. Because, Love is the most important energy, it raises the vibrations of yourself and others. Love is necessary for survival, Love is necessary to live and not just exist.

Love is the frequency of the Universe; it makes other energies flow. It keeps people true to their souls, if only they would listen to their heart. I am here to bring more Love to planet Earth and all its creatures, especially the human species. I breathe Love over the whole planet and into anyone who asks for my help. Call on me anytime."

With Love and Kindness,

The Rose Pink Dragon

How to send more Love and Light to the world:

1. Visualize the Earth in your hands or as if you are in space above the Earth. If you cannot visualize just have the feeling of sending Love

2. Say “Rose Pink Dragon please stand by my side and help me to send Love and Light to Earth and all her creatures”

3. See a pink or white light surrounding you and the Earth. Sit with this energy for at least 2 minutes or as long as you’d like.

4. Take 3 deep breaths to release the energy.

5. Thank the Rose Pink dragon.

The more often you do this, the higher your vibe and the vibe around you will get.

(I am not a licensed physician, and this blog is for entertainment only.)

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