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How to deal with Triggers

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray

Hello friends,

Today I bring forward a message from Master Buddha and a glimpse into my own experiences dealing with triggers and communication.

Buddha's Message I channeled: “The collective consciousness is shifting in paramount ways, in leaps and strides. Whether you think it is happening or not, the world is changing. Old structures are falling away and crumbling to the ground. Hold the faith because structures that are crumbling are not just within your governments but the ones within yourselves. People are waking up, the veil is being lifted, the smoke is clearing, and people are seeing the illusion before their eyes. Life does not need to be hard or difficult. There does not need to be battles or wars. Peace is possible. Be kind to yourself and those around you. Lead by example and be the beacon of light that helps others find their way. You do not have to do this by pushing, but by holding the Lantern in the dark, which will allow them to see things as they truly are. It is time to look up and see what is before you. Stand up for what you believe without getting triggered by someone else’s opinions or beliefs.”

After getting buddha’s message I was reminded of some experiences I have had with being triggered and I would like to share one of them with you. I was recently triggered by a loved one who responded to my opinion about something who meant me no harm but, her response was a different opinion than mine. I got defensive because I felt like I needed to defend my convictions. But my loved one responded with love and I was able to see how I was reacting in a defensive way. By examining this trigger, I was able to get to the root of why I was triggered. I was triggered because I felt like my convictions were unworthy or invalid and by allowing myself to see the cause of my trigger, this allowed me the opportunity to apologize for my defensiveness and allowed me to stand firm in my convictions and know that I can be heard better by speaking my truth with compassion, rather than responding in a defensive way.

This was another opportunity in my life to be made aware of a trigger of mine. When I have a difference of opinion from someone else, I get defensive because I worry that I will not be accepted for who I am. I worry that I might be unloved or abandoned. This incident with my loved one showed me my error and showed me where I had some shadow work to do. This trigger showed me that I could be myself and still be loved by my loved one despite our differences. This was an opportunity to see how I could react differently when I am triggered. My loved one reacted to my defensiveness with love and kindness, and this made me ask myself “In the future if I am triggered again, how can I respond with respect, kindness and compassion?” Now that I have had the realization, I can apply what I have learned, for the lesson to come full circle. It is important to note that even if you become triggered and you forgot what you learned the time before, that's okay. Be gentle with yourself because learning a new skill takes practice.

It's also possible to become triggered, try to engage in open healthy communication and the other person isn't able to see their trigger or their mistake. They may be unable to have a new perspective. Sometimes a trigger comes forward to teach us to set healthier boundaries and to release someone from our life because either the situation is unhealthy, abusive or toxic. No matter how much you work on your triggers within yourself and do your shadow work, you can't change others or force them to see their shadow. If you are in a situation like that, you must decide if it's time to walk away from a situation. Know that it's okay to end relationships with people for your own mental and emotional health. Sometimes they were there to help you see your shadow self so you can continue your work as an evolving soul.

Respecting one another for their differences is an opportunity for us to transmute the energy on our planet. The energy on the planet can either divide us or Unite us and we must decide at an individual level, how we want to approach the energies on the planet at this time. We can be united by having respect and understanding for somebody else’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions and not trying to make our own beliefs someone else’s truth. We all have our own truth and that is something that we must accept about one another. Stay true to who you are but do not ever alienate someone else for who they are. In a situation where there is a difference of opinion how can you have a conversation that does not turn into an argument or with you trying to be right or better than the other person?

This is a big challenge we face right now. Open honest communication is especially important for having respect and understanding for others. When you are having a conversation with somebody, when there is a difference of opinions, are you willing to be open to the possibility that you could learn something new about a situation? Are you open to learning something new about yourself? Perhaps what you will learn is that your opinion has not changed and that is OK too. Having open communication does not mean you say what others want to hear, but that you speak your truth in a way for others to hear what you are trying to convey. Learning to not be triggered by other people’s difference of opinions is certainly a challenging lesson to learn, but it is one that can help transmute the energy on the planet. If we are not always battling with someone else’s truth, this can bring peace and calm to the planet. It is another opportunity for the energy on the Earth as a collective to find balance.

By attempting to learn this lesson we can hopefully see that it is okay to make mistakes, it is great to apologize for your mistakes, your mistake is not that your opinion is different from someone else’s, your mistake was the over emotionalized response you gave, this is your trigger that can be healed with contemplation, self-forgiveness and understanding of self. Everyone has the right to their opinion and our difference of opinions does not need to divide us. We should celebrate who we are, and we should celebrate who we are together.

Instead of seeing ourselves as divided, we could choose to see ourselves as other aspects of an individual expression of source. We all come from source and we are all expressions of source and we each have something different to bring to the table, but we should ultimately be celebrating one another and celebrating together. We do not all have to be on the same page for the world to turn and we do not all have to have the exact same opinion for things to run smoothly. There is a rise in the common goal of community, peace, love and harmony on the planet at this time. We can reach this common goal by being supportive versus defensive, respectful versus divisive. It may seem that we all need to feel, think, and express ourselves in the same way for there to be peace, but that is an illusion an illusion that we must transmute, so that we can rise above and be better for each other, for the planet and for ourselves.

The takeaway from Buddha’s message and my experience is that we can still love one another despite our differences. If you get triggered ask yourself why? If you get triggered again you can hopefully handle the situation in a different way, that transmutes the uncomfortableness of having differences. Differences do not have to divide us they can bring us together. Our differences can teach us how to show more respect, understanding and love to one another. With the world changing and so many differences between each of us it is easy to become triggered. But instead of getting triggered how can we find respect and compassion for the other persons thoughts, feelings, and opinions.? Because ultimately isn’t that what we want for ourselves, is to be respected and accepted for who we are, for all aspects of ourselves? If we want this from others, then we should be giving this same respect and acceptance to others. Accepting someone else does not mean they are in your life in any capacity it just means you aren't going to attack someone for who they are. It is safe for you to be you and it is safe for me to be me. We must stand united amongst our differences.

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