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Light Language

Updated: Jan 30, 2022

What is Light Language?

In this article I will be discussing what Light Language is, how to use it, how it can help you and how you can learn Light Language. Light Language is the language of Light. It is a universal frequency of light or energy that is used for healing. There are many healing modalities in the world and Light Language is one of those modalities. Everything is made of energy which has its own frequency. Your thoughts, emotions, and your state of well-being has a frequency which is held within you and is emanated in your surrounding environment. Even each individual spirit on your spirit team, can have their own frequency at which is emanated within them and around them as well. I am an energy healer and I use Reiki, Light Language and Sound to channel Higher Vibrational Energy into my client, without depleting my own energy. Light Language is one of the healing modalities that allows you to do this.

How is Light Language delivered?

Light language can be spoken, written, drawn, danced, sung, toned, drummed, and chanted. It can come through body movement such as Qi Gong or sign language. You can channel Light Language from your spirit team, galactical beings such as the Lyrans, angels or elementals like unicorns, dragons, or tree spirits. How you channel Light Language is Unique to you. You may really enjoy doing art, singing, or writing and you can incorporate light language into your individual creative projects. By doing this you raise the vibration of what you have created, thus allowing your creation to emit a higher Frequency. When your or another person is in the presence of your project their vibration will be raised as well.

Raising your Vibration

When more people focus on raising their vibration, the more the vibration of the collective consciousness will raise and allow for consciousness to open and allow people to see things from a higher perspective or a 360° view. You can raise your vibration by getting healing work done, by bringing your focus back to what brings you joy after having a bad day and so many other things that I will discuss in another blog post. Know that light language is a great way to raise your vibration. I have always loved to sing and dance, and I often forget to do those things but since becoming attuned to Light Language, it comes out of me so naturally and freely in the form of toning and signing. I am using my voice more often now, to help bring me back to balance. You can do the same by using Light Language in the form that is most comfortable for you. My main point here is, that Light Language will raise your Vibration.

What can light language do for you?

Light language is an energy healing modality that allows the person using it, to channel High Vibrational healing energy into themselves, the creative projects they are working on, into nature or into others. Light Language helps balance the energy field, it helps realign your chakras, it can bring about peace & calm, it can transform your DNA so you are able to hold more light, it can help you connect with your spirit team and strengthen those connections and strengthen your connection to your intuition and higher self. I incorporate Light Language into all of my healing sessions, I even use it when doing readings when called to do so. I use Light Language to clear your energy field, to remove attachments, to remove past lives and emotions that are still weighing you down, in your current life. I use my light language to bring about peace and calm for myself and those experiencing it. Light Language is a frequency and has the ability to heal the mind, body, emotional state and soul on an energetic level.

What does Light Language look like or sound like?

Light Language is unique to each individual. Personally, I love this about Light Language because if your intention is pure, there is no wrong way to bring Light Language forward. The picture below is a form of light language that I have written, and the oracle card is Light Language that was created by Izzy Ivy, the creator of the Beyond Lemuria Oracle deck. Light Language can look elaborate or simple. It can sound beautiful and sometimes it can be hard to listen to. When you hear Light Language, and it does not sound as “pretty” as you thought it would, it is because it is clearing something for you and aligning your energy field. There have been many times I have listened to a Light Language sound healing and thought it sounded rough or sour, but when I listened to it a second or third time, I thought it sounded beautiful. That is because it cleared something for me. The important thing to remember is that Light Language is unique to everyone in their delivery of Light Language. Everyone’s Light Language will feel different, look different and sound different.

How do you Learn Light Language?

To Learn Light Language, you can take a class. A Light Language class will typically include an attunement to Light Language. The attunement is what opens your energy field to be able to hold more light, to raise your vibration, so you can hold the light and channel the high vibrational frequency of Light Language. In my Light Language attunement class, I attune you to the light language of the Angels, Dolphins, Mermaids, Giants, Dragons, Galactical beings and Unicorns. These attunements will allow you to be connected to these high vibrational beings and will allow you to bring forward the Light Language that resonates best with you. These Beings will attune you the light language of movement, singing, toning, dancing, drawing, drumming, writing, speaking and music. Once you are attuned to these many beings and many forms of Light Language you will find the best way for you to express your Light Language. You can practice the many forms and see what works best for you. I invite you to watch my Language YouTube video along with other sound healing videos that I have created.

Once you are attuned to Light Language you will have the ability to use Light Language as an added healing modality if you are already a healer or to be used for the beginning stages of your healing journey or just because you enjoy connecting with these universal energies. No matter what you reason you will have a new way to express your creativity, that can also heal. Even if you do not understand what is coming through while you are doing light language, at soul level you or whomever is enjoying your Light Language, will get the frequencies needed to bring about the energy, changes and shifts that are necessary in the present moment. Doing Light Language will benefit your friends, family, pets, nature, Mother Earth and yourself. Light Language is gentle yet has a powerful impact in helping your individual healing process and helping others in their healing journey. Light Language is transformative, empowering and it provides an enhancement in your energetic vibration.

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