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My Journey

When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. I was born with a congenital heart defect and got diabetes when I was 11. I thought I could offer compassion and understanding to my patients that some doctors lacked, because of what I had already gone through health wise. The field of medicine that I wanted to study changed frequently. When I was a teenager, I was gifted a book called “Teen Witch” by my stepmom, which got me interested in practicing magic. After I graduated high school, I did not pursue my dream of becoming an MD, but there was a reason for it, a reason that was unknown to me at the time. Later down the road I started shopping at the local health food store, which led me to learn about “alternative” healing modalities. Shortly after this I found a local new age bookstore and I bought a book about Reiki, which is a form of energy healing. I thought it was fascinating and that I could heal the world. I came to realize that my desire to be a doctor as a child was really the inner healer and teacher in me. I wanted to be a healer and not just any healer, a Medicine Woman, so when you came to me, I could help you with many things and I could be a one stop shop to wellness.

In 2005, I learned level one of Reiki, but I was unable to continue my training due to unforeseen circumstances. My spiritual path was put on hold because I chose to focus my energy learning about romantic relationships, Ha-ha. In 2010 I re-did my Reiki one training and went all the way to level three Master Practitioner. I also bought some oracle cards and started using them for myself and friends. I wanted to do my Reiki Master Teacher training, but I moved to Hawai’i and had an amazing experience working with the Reiki I had learned, the law of attraction and much more. I unfortunately lost my certificates between my many moves during this time in my life. When I moved back to the mainland, I became a single mother and this stalled my spiritual path again, I was focused on being a mom. But I continued to read oracle cards for family and friends and did Reiki from time to time. I even started college hoping to get a degree that would allow me to find a job that could support my son and I, but I could never settle on what to study and my spiritual path, my higher self, kept calling my name. So, I started focusing on my spiritual journey again and I took it a step further by taking psychic and mediumship development classes. I created my business page Oracle by Olivia on Facebook and started offering Oracle card readings to the public. I have continued to develop my skills through practice, self-study, and taking new classes such as EFT, Soul Realignment, Manifesting Blueprint, Sound healing light language, I re-did my Reiki training where I became a Reiki Master Teacher, and I took a Trance channel mediumship course. Over the years I have learned about crystals, EFT, meditation, the law of attraction, manifestation, how to connect with spirit and channel messages from spirit, how to read oracle cards, essential oils, Reiki, how to read the Akashic records, how to release emotional and past life blocks, how to release attachments and more.

I am an Intuitive Trance Channel Medium, Reiki Master Teacher, Soul Realignment Practitioner, Sound Healer, EFT practitioner, Emotion Releasing Practitioner, Energy Healer, Teacher and Awakener. I believe in communication with spirit, angels, elementals and more. I am a Starseed which means I have lived many lives in other dimensions and on other planets. I believe most souls, if not all originated on different planes of existence, on a different planet, galaxy, and/or dimension, before choosing to incarnate on Earth. I believe that humanity is going through a huge shift and we as a collective will be ascending to higher vibrations, higher states of consciousness, and higher dimensions. This is a process, and it will take time. But I want to help you on your journey, I want to help you heal past life and present life wounds and I want to teach you how to be more connected to your spiritual path. I also want to take time to thank those you have helped me on my journey my Dad, Amy, Basics co-op, Earthsong books and gifts, Esther, Kalsie, Tracey, Josie, Your Temple Beautiful, Rachael Chamness and so many more. Thank you so much for your knowledge, wisdom, believing in me and your support.

I would love to work with you, please feel free to reach out to me if you are looking to work with someone who can help you on your journey or if you have questions. You can find me on Facebook at Oracle by Olivia or my website Or you can private message me through my Facebook business page or email me at

I am happy to announce that this year 2021 I am now teaching Reiki Classes and light language classes which has been a dream of mine.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I would love to help you on your path of healing, to connecting to you higher self and spirit team, self -care and being the best you that you can be.

Bright Blessing to you all!

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