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Sagittarius, The Archer

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

The Sign of Sagittarius

There are twelve zodiac signs in the zodiac wheel and from November 22nd, 2021, until December 21st, 2021, the sun will be in the zodiac sign Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the 9th sign, the third Fire sign and is a mutable zodiac sign of the zodiac wheel. Each zodiac sign is ruled by one or two planets and has a two-word phrase to describe their essence, Sagittarius is “I See”. It is sometimes said that the zodiac sign you are born in, is the lesson your soul is on during your current incarnation in human form. It allows you to learn, grow and evolve from the energies of your zodiac sign, along with everything else going on in your birth chart. You can go around the zodiac wheel several times as a soul to get an enriched and well-rounded soul education. Each sign allows you to interact with different elements, aspects, and lessons to learn to continue the up-leveling of your soul. Further in the article I will give explanations of the different aspects of the sign Sagittarius.

The Element of Fire

Fire is the element that relates to passion, adventure, transformation, and spirit. Fire helps you tap into your creativity; helps you connect with the sun and can bring about purification. Fire was an element that allowed us to cook our food and stay warm. It is a force of sustenance. Fire can also be destructive. Because of this we can learn how to let go of what needs to fall away, so something new and better can take its place.

What is a Mutable Zodiac Sign?

A mutable sign has an easier time going with the flow. They like to change and transform. They like to be a free form with free expression. Mutable signs are able to fit into their surroundings very easily, they are chameleons. Mutable signs are great in a time of crisis because they can adapt so well. Sagittarius as a mutable sign loves travel, having new experiences, expanding their knowledge, and using their intuition to lead them to the right next experience or situation.

Ruling planet

The ruling planet over a particular zodiac sign, came about when ancient astrologers decided to match up the energy of the planet with the energy of the zodiac sign. The ruling planet over Sagittarius is Jupitar.


Jupitar is the largest planet in our known solar system. It takes Jupiter 12 years to orbit the sun and has four moons. In mythology Zeus is the God who oversees Jupiter. Zeus is seen as the God of all other Gods and Humans. He is a sky God who controls lightning and thunder. The name Zeus means God and to shine. Jupiter is the planet of luck, prosperity, and opportunity. Because Jupiter is the largest known planet in our solar system it teaches about expansion and the importance of expansion and seeing beyond what lies ahead.

Characteristics of Centaurs

The zodiac sign Sagittarius is represented by the Centaur. In Greek mythology centaurs are half-man/half-horse creatures or elementals who can see the truth. Centaurs have been portrayed as rowdy or unruly but Chiron the centaur was wise and studious. Many centaurs were warriors and were protecting their right to be different from the rest and still have a place amongst the others. Chiron say’s “centaurs are widely misunderstood. There were some bad apples but how many species do you know without a bad apple? My point is there were many centaurs who stayed hidden, who watched, observed, and learned from others around them. I tried to be a pioneer to help others see us in a different light. There was much chaos that existed when we walked the Earth many years ago. Now we exist in the realms unseen helping guide those who need a boost in making their life happen versus waiting for it to happen.” The reason I have told you a bit about the Centaurs is because a Zodiac sign has characteristics that are like the animal or thing they are represented by. Example: Aries is represented by the Ram, so anyone with Aries in their birth chart can have characteristics of the Ram. This logic applies to all Zodiac signs.

Sagittarius as a Zodiac sign

I first started reading about astrology about 17 years ago and the pros and cons list for Scorpio always seemed to be very similar and erred on the not so good side. Being a Scorpio myself I set out to get a deeper understanding of being a Scorpio and astrology in general.

Sagittarians are free spirits. They like to have fun but don’t want to feel like they are being tied down to anything for longer than they like. They can change and transform to fit the situation they are in. They appreciate a good adventure and expanding their horizons. They enjoy learning and expanding their knowledge and it’s important for them to make connections far and wide. Because they are the archer, they set goals and they do what is necessary to achieve those goals. They can be over achievers and need to learn when to take a break. Although, they truly have a great ability to multitask, which they get from the energy of the centaur.

Sagittarians have the ability to have great spiritual connections, on point intuition and enjoy connecting with cosmic energies. They have strong personalities, and they can either blend in or stand out depending on what they feel is right for the moment. They are brave and courageous; they stand up for what they believe in, and they make life happen for them. Sagittarians are passionate, action driven and love their freedom. Sagittarians need to be able to roam free and follow their hearts calling.

To find out what energies your zodiac sign is working with during Sagittarius season check out the video below.

Sagittarius at a glance

Zodiac wheel: Ninth sign of the Zodiac

Modality: Mutable

Element: Fire

Birth stone: Topaz, amethyst, and Carnelian

Anatomy: Hips, thighs, and Muscles

Keywords: adventurous, outspoken, mutable, warrior, energized, passionate, courageous, brave, aloof.

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