The Lion's Gate Portal...What's the hype?

Have you heard about the Lion’s gate portal, but you aren’t sure why there’s so much buzz around it? In this article I will discuss the Lion’s Gate Portal and its significance.

The sun moves into the zodiac sign Leo around the 20th-23rd of July each year. Leo is the zodiac sign represented by the Lion. The energy of Leo is courageous, it give you the strength to step into your power as an individual, it brings loyalty and encourages you to let your voice be heard. The Portal portion of the Lion’s gate portal has to do with the fact that the brightest star in our solar system Sirius will come into alignment with Earth, but that’s not all. The star system Orion will come into alignment with the Giza Pyramids creating a Trinity Alignment! I am so excited for the Lion's Gate Portal this year! Not only is the portal occurring on August 8th but Augusts New Moon is occurring on August 8th, 2021, as well. Drum Roll Please…. August 8th, 2021 has the trinity alignment with Leo, the star Sirius and Orion, along with the New Moon in Leo and it's all occurring on 8/8. This is a big astrological event and it’s one you should pay attention too and tap into your inner alchemy so you can bring in new energy and make the biggest wish you’ve ever made, because the New Moon is all about making wishes and setting intention for the things you want to create for yourself and the Lion's Gate will amp up the energy of your wish and manifestations.

Now that I’ve let my excitement out, let me tell you more about the energies of the Lion’s Gate Portal.


Sirius is the brightest star in our night sky. Sirius is a star system that is thought to have two suns. One planet is a water planet, while the other isn’t. This star system is thought to be a system that is inhabited by light beings named Sirians.

I personally believe in Starseeds (souls existing on other planets and dimensions before incarnating on Earth). I have spent time on many other planets and have had many lives on other planets. The Sirius star system and it’s inhabitants are much more advanced than we are and they step forward to help Earth Ascend from the 3D reality to the 5D & 6D realities, so that we can live on a planet that thrives on love, peace and harmony. With this Lions Gate Portal it is bringing us a greater sense of Self-Love and Love and respect for those around us. There are many opportunities where there is division being created on our planet and the Sirians and many other light beings want us to instead respect one another’s decisions about their own sovereignty. We have a choice we can choose to be respectful and kind or we can choose to fight at get mad at those who didn’t choose the path we wished they would choose.

Sirian Channeled Message

Here is a message I channeled from a great Sirian healer named Ashatu

“It is time earthlings to rise up and spread love! It is time to show the world what can be accomplished with the power of love. You have the ability to love so much, to give so much love and to feel so loved. We watch you and send you love often and especially during the great trinity Lion’s Gate Portal occurring now on your planet. Let this love wash over you, let it fill every cell of your body, let this love consume you for you came from love. See, Feel, Touch, and Hear with love!”

Orion Starseed

Light Beings from Orion are thought to be highly intelligent and use their intellect to find solutions. They use rational thoughts to get to where they need to go. If you ever watched star trek, being Orion is like being Vulcan. The Orion’s step into this trinity alignment and portal to help you remember that logic and rationality can get you far but there is always something missing when you only rely on your brain to lead you down your path.

Orion Channeled Message

Here is a channeled message from an Orion galactic council member named Jimu (pronounced jeemu)

“I am from the Orion galactic council and I ask that you heed my advice, your brain is bigger than your heart and it is now time to let your heart be bigger than your brain. The Orions tried for so long to use only our brain and this turned our race into one that did not know the love that you as a human are able to possess. We forgot we came from love. We have learned, grown and evolved from a place of logic and rational, for it only created the imbalance of masculine energy similar to what you see on your planet now, but we have gone through our own ascension, and we now are connected to our hearts. We wish for you to heal your heart and live from your heart. You can let go of the bad habits you learned as an early inhabitant of Orion, you can put your arrow down and open your heart.”

Is the number Eight significant for the portal?

Yes, the number 8 is significant and here’s why. It is the infinity symbol; everything changes, nothing ever stays the same. The infinity symbol symbolizes the process of change, growth, letting go, transformation and re-birth and it reminds you that it is an infinite cycle. You can choose to worry about the past or future or you can stay in the present moment remembering to do what needs to be done each day, to make your dreams come true. Don’t let yourself get stuck in how the past made you feel) and don’t worry about every little detail in how you’ll get to your end result, because not only will you put yourself in a negative cycle of worry, you will forget to move forward and when you do move forward and things don’t work out as you planned, you will feel disappointed, let down and like you are being blocked. When truly a detour is reminding you to rest, revaluate, wait for divine timing, let things fall into place and protects you from something that you weren’t aware of. The number eight is also the number of abundance! Abundance isn’t just about the money and possessions you have, it’s about your health, relationships, the attitudes you have about yourself and others. Abundance is having clean food and water to eat and drink, it’s each breath you take, it’s each loving interaction you are apart of. If you look closely, I know you can find gratitude within yourself for the many forms of abundance you have currently in your life. The number eight is a reminder to have an attitude of gratitude.

If you are wondering how, you can utilize the energy of the lion’s gate portal check out my pick a pile oracle reading below. I have also created a Lion’s gate portal Meditation and Activation. Which are all Free on my YouTube channel

Lions Gate Portal wrap up…

This years Lions Gate Portal is big because of the trinity alignment of Sirius aligned with Earth, the sun is in Leo, the star system Orion is aligned with the pyramids of Giza and the peak of these alignment are occurring under the New Moon in Leo on August 8th, 2021. If the energies have felt heavy and a lot of emotion has come up for you in the last few weeks know that that has a lot to do with the energies of the Lions Gate Portal. Be gentle and kind with yourself. Be gentle and kind with others. Take the time to do some deep breathing, visualize the energy uniting with your body and start to imagine the life you truly want to live. What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want to feel about yourself? How can you live your life with purpose, respect, integrity and love each day? Let the energy of the lion and Lionesses’ portal wash over you, to give you the strength you need to dream big, don’t hold back and don’t let anyone talk you out of creating the life you want to live. Lift your head up and see yourself as the great magician that you are and start creating your biggest dreams, for you are worthy, you matter, you are love and you are loved!

If you click below you will be taken to my Lion’s Gate Portal Meditation

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