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What is a Lightworker?

Updated: Mar 17, 2022

What is a lightworker?

A lightworker is a fancy spiritual term used to describe anyone who has a desire to be of service in some capacity. A lightworker can be a doctor, nurse, energy healer, animal communicator, or therapist just to name a few occupations, that fall under the terminology lightworker. What makes a lightworker a lightworker, is the intention they have to help other people, animals or the planet. This can be achieved in many different ways. A lightworker’s intentions isn’t about how much money they can make but how they can make the world a better place.


Right now, Earth and its creatures including humans are going through an ascension process. The ascension process is the expansion of consciousness to come to a place of knowing there is more to life than just surviving. It is the desire of wanting to live on a planet of freedom, peace, sovereignty, love and harmony. Ascension is also the process of releasing density in order to ascend to a higher state of density, which is in turn lighter. As a collective we are learning to be able to exist in a light body versus a body of dense matter. You can read more about ascension and the light body here. Ascension, What is it? (

The Healers Journey

A lightworker typically chooses to have experiences that puts them on a healer's journey, meaning they experience several ups and downs in their lives. They experience these ups and downs in order to be more relatable to the people they work with as a lightworker. When you yourself have been through many challenges you are able to help someone through their challenges, because you’ve been there done that, and you know the tools that can help someone else. The healers’ journey isn’t an easy one and doesn’t mean that you have to go down the road of healing others. More than likely, you will find ways to make the world a better place even if you choose not to be a healer. Not all lightworkers are aware that they are a lightworker and there are many ways to be a lightworker.

Lightworker paths can be broken up into missions

Lightworker, The Healer: This is someone who desires to be of service by doing healing work. This can be energy healer, doctor, nurse, animal healer, shaman, or sound healer. Of course, these aren’t the only ways to be a healer it’s just a few examples. These lightworkers are empathic, they relate to other people's pain, and they desire to help people, animals or the planet to feel better. They have learned many lessons in their present life and past lives about going through and overcoming challenges. This makes them especially good at relating to others, being empathetic and helping others through their challenges. These light workers are here to heal others and themselves.

Lightworker, The Connector: This is a lightworker that has an aptitude for connecting and networking with people from many walks of life. Because of this they are able to help other people get in touch with the person, that can be most helpful in their particular situation. These Lightworkers are good at networking, public relations, consulting, social media specialist, email marketing specialist, or brand strategist. This type of lightwork can do well in the public eye, but it’s not necessary to be in the public eye to be a connecter. In whatever way you accomplish this mission you help people get where they need to be or connect them with whom can help them best to achieve their goals.

Lightworker, The Psychic: This is someone who is using their gifts as a psychic or medium to bring their clients messages from spirit. This lightworker helps people get direction and guidance from the spirit realm. These lightworkers use their “clairs” or psychic senses to bring these messages forward. They can use clairaudience, which is clear hearing, clairvoyance which is clear seeing, clairsentience which is knowing what someone else is feeling without feeling it themselves, claircognizant which is clear knowing, and Psychometry which is getting information by touching objects. These lightworkers may get messages from spirit guides, elementals, galactic beings, angels or loved ones who have crossed over. Some psychics use oracle or tarot card in their work to help bring forward spirit messages. These lightworkers help people get the messages they need in order to stay on the path that will best serve their clients highest good.

Lightworker, The Blueprinter: These lightworkers are the rule breakers, the ones who don’t want to follow societal “norms”. They are here to change the programming held within our DNA that has been acquired by indoctrination, limiting beliefs and rules that have been followed throughout history. These programs live within our DNA and gets passed down through the generations. These lightworkers want to shake things up and rock the boat. They want to let people know that it’s okay to be different, to try new things and to not follow the rules that make you feel restricted, in expressing your true authentic self. These lightworkers also are the ones who “fix” things. They see something and they are able to find ways to make it better and easier to use or comprehend by others. These lightworkers make good copywriters, editors, writers, social media influencerso, blogger, designer of some sort, artist, or an advocate for human, animal or planetary rights. These people want to make the Earth quake and shake in a way that brings about the most positive changes possible for humanity.

Lightworker, The Ancestral Healer: This lightworker is a healer but has a focus on ancestral healing. They help others heal wounds that have been passed down through their ancestry, that are playing a role in their life today. These lightworkers are also the ones to clear ancestral trauma, wounds, patterns, and curses from their own ancestral line. Ancestral trauma can play out in patterns, reoccurring feelings, dis-ease within the body, and being hurt in similar ways that their ancestors were. These types of lightworkers will do work with past live regression, past life readings, astral travel, and work in the akashic records. These lightworkers are here to pave the way for new beginnings and experiences.

Lightworker, The Soul Teacher: These lightworkers are here to learn. This can be learning traditional studies or esoteric studies. They have a thirst for knowledge. The reason they have a thirst for knowledge, is because they are here to learn has much as they can, so that they can teach souls about what it is like to live in a third dimensional human body. They may teach souls before they incarnate on Earth, what it is like to be on earth in the third dimension and how to prepare for being on Earth. These lightworkers work as teachers and perpetual learners. They may feel like they haven’t learned enough and their thirst for knowledge can go unquenched. They probably take what they have learned and teach other souls while sleeping and during astral travel. These lightworkers are here to help with the expansion of consciousness.

Lightworker, The Supporter: This lightworker is here to help other lightworkers accomplish their soul's mission. They are very empathetic and are able to help others feel supported and like they matter. They help others to keep going. They provide a helping hand when it is needed. They are very giving but need to remember to fill up their own cup. Just because their mission is to support others doesn’t mean that they don’t need help or support themselves. It is very important they reach out when they need to be supported. These lightworkers make good advocates, counselors, and homemakers. These lightworkers are here to be your own personal cheerleader.

Lightworker, The Earth Healer: These lightworkers are here to help heal the Earth. They work with the ley lines of the planet, which are the energetic grids that are in and around Earth. They help clear the wounds that Earth has undergone over the millennia. They clear the ancestral wounds of the planet. They also clear the ancestral wounds and programming that humans have undergone, because this programming has been written within the energy of the Earth and needs to be cleared to help with the Ascension process. Healing the earth, heals the human consciousness and vice versa. These lightworkers can work as energy healers that primary work with ley lines and griding the Earth, they can work as environmental activists, or as a scientist that helps to heal the Earth and create and maintain a healthy ecosystem. These lightworkers are here to release density within the Earth to help the Earth ascend to healthier states of being.

After reading the different types of lightworkers it’s possible that more than one of the above descriptions resonates with you. A lightworker is typically doing all of the above tasks but they probably have one, maybe two that is their main focus. It is also possible that only one resonates with you and that would be your main focus. It is definitely okay to have just one main focus. Know that any work that you do, that you love, that is helping to make the world a better place, means that you are on the right track. Lightworkers are the movers and shakers, they are helping to raise the vibration of their immediate environment and the collective consciousness. They are working towards making the world a place that operates from love, peace, harmony, honor and respect.

Abundance & Joy

Also, I want to point out that there are many more occupations than what I have listed in this article that can be done to fulfill a lightworkers mission. And even though in the beginning of the article I said that a lightworker isn’t focusing on money, this doesn’t mean that a lightworker shouldn’t live a life full of abundance and financial freedom. When you are doing what you love and making money while doing it than you’ve struck gold. It’s actually part of a lightworkers job to learn how to fill up their own cup and generate abundance of many kinds. Filling up your own cup doesn’t have to be a solo accomplishment. Lightworks need each other, so get healing sessions done, get massages or acupuncture, spend time in nature and have fun. Even though you came here to help make the world a better place doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have joy. Find balance between work and play. Joy is essential for making your day better and raising the vibration of our collective consciousness. Remember to take time for rest, TLC and enjoy living!

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