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Robyn Z.,
Soul Realignment

"After doing a Soul Realignment Session with Olivia I felt beyond amazing, something clicked inside of me and my anxiety subsided. Olivia is down to Earth  and has given me so much to work with and given me insight into my life, I would highly recommend her."

Golden Parchment

Angela K.,
Soul Realignment, Clairvoyant Oracle Card Reading & Property Clearing

"I can not thank Olivia enough for all the help and guidance she has given me through the years; it has always proven to be accurate and she has proven to be acting in the best faith and intentions. I know I can absolutely trust the information she gives me. Her guidance comes from a true place of caring & real intuition and I am constantly blown away at the specific information and advice she has provided.  Olivia has helped me balance my day-to-day life and anxieties, reached back through lifetimes of attached energies and helped break generational cycles in both spirits and property.  I would highly recommend any of Olivia's services, she is truly one with a higher power."

Mystic Eye

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Delphine B.,
Reiki Sound Healing, Clairvoyant Oracle Card Readings & Soul Realignment

"I have received distant reiki sound healing...light language healing, soul realignment and many card readings from Olivia.  They have all helped me in so many ways on my healing journey and has help me find some direction in opening my own gifts  I highly recommend any and all of Olivia's services.  Thank you for everything you do for others!"

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Carmen C.,
Clairvoyant Oracle Card Readings

"I have had many card readings from Olivia.  I trust her intuition and the messages she shares with me.  She makes me feel relaxed and calm during our sessions, never feeling rushed.  She truly takes her time which means a lot to me.  I can feel her genuine passion that she has when working with her psychic abilities.  I highly recommend her to anyone that is looking for clarity and guidance."

Mystic Eye

Trish H.,
Clairvoyant Oracle Card Reading

"Thanks to Olivia's light and card readings I discovered what was going on that had me so lost.  Because of her guidance I found me.   I hope many more people work with Olivia so they can be helped.  Believe it or not I was checking out other psychics but I was drawn to Olivia and for that I thank the Universe.  Much love to you Olivia!"

Crystal Ball

Jackie C.,
Distant Reiki Sound Healing &
Clairvoyant Oracle Card Readings

"I have been very fortunate to have been led to Olivia.  She has given me multiple distant Reiki Sound Healing clearing sessions.  These have been fundamentally so helpful in my journey and healing process.  It's even more special because she audio records so that you can listen to them anytime you feel the need.  She approaches each session with the upmost care and respect for what is in our highest good. 

 Have also had her give me readings on a couple of occasions and her insight and guidance has been spot on!  I highly recommend Olivia for any of her services!  You won't be disappointed!"

Golden Chakra
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